• VFES董事会(“董事会”)对组织的治理负责. Members oversee and shape VFES policies and hold fiduciary responsibility for the long-term well-being of the organization. 董事会的受托责任确保了财务的有效管理, physical and other assets of VFES, balancing the needs of current and future generations of students.

    The Board is also responsible for the establishment and perpetuation of strong leadership and planning for the organization. VFES’s Executive Director is directly accountable to the Board, which sets and monitors annual objectives for her/him. They also work in collaboration with the VFES 领导团队 to establish long-term strategies for VFES and its programs.

    The VFES Board draws Trustees from a wide range of education, 医疗, 业务, 并为非营利性领域提供履行其治理职责所需的技能. Each Trustee participates in regular board meetings and serves on or leads one or more committees.

    Committees Under the 校董会:

    • 执行委员会
    • 发展委员会
    • 受托人委员会
    • 财政委员会
    • 策略策划委员会
    • VFES Trustees embrace the VFES mission, contribute ongoing time and effort in support of the Board’s work, and directly support the development and fundraising efforts of VFES.


    Members are presented in alphabetical order.


    Dr. 康斯坦斯Bompadre
    Dr. 康斯坦斯Bompadre has spent her entire career in education. 康妮是一名教师, 教练, 主要, Director of Education and eventually an Assistant Superintendent. During her time in the Marple Newtown School District, Dr. Bompadre监督课程, 学生服务, 专业发展, district safety and building level administration. 康妮在这个领域工作了35年,于2021年6月退休. 她认为西切斯特大学(WCU)给她灌输了对教学的热情. Mentors along the way lead her to administration. It was an honor to prepare students for the life ahead of them.

    Dr. Bompadre believes in giving back to the profession. 她曾在研究生阶段授课,为教师成为管理人员做准备. 她是WCU基金会领导和服务妇女(WILS)的成员. WILS provided grants to female students to further their education. 通过wills, Dr. Bompadre参加了大学活动,以促进教育作为一种职业. 目前,博士. Bompadre is on the board of Read2Dream. This organization provides books to youngster and promotes reading through hosting literacy events in and around West Chester, 宾西法尼亚. While living in the borough of West Chester, 康妮在西切斯特公共图书馆当了15年的受托人.
    Dr. Bompadre出生并成长在切斯特县,现在居住在宾夕法尼亚州的桑顿. 她喜欢阅读、打高尔夫球、与家人共度时光以及在海滩上放松.

    Mr. 马克C. 海勒
    Mr. 海勒 was born in Philadelphia, 他在当地的红衣主教多尔蒂高中接受教育,然后去了费城. 纺织与科学学院(前身为纺织学院,现为杰斐逊大学).  He earned his BS in 业务 and management and was a scholarship baseball player for all 4 undergraduate years.  He was captain his last two years and worked locally with Big Brothers and Sisters as a volunteer as well as worked during his summers at several local camps run by the Archdioceses of Philadelphia, which focused on under-privileged youth or at-risk youth.

    Mr. 海勒是Novolex商业票据部门的销售总监.  He is responsible for leadership of the sales team and numerous large regional and national accounts.  He has over 31 years of experience in the foodservice packaging arena with 25 of those years as a manager, 领导者和导师.

    Prior to joining Novolex in 2015, he held various leadership positions at several large, private packaging organizations.  在他的职业生涯中,他完成了许多管理和领导课程.

    Mr. 海勒是三个孩子的父亲,尼古拉斯,杰克逊和芬利.  He has 教练ed and mentored young athletes in his local community for 24+ years and is currently 教练ing a local 14U basketball team.  他是当地社区和教堂的积极支持者,与妻子的婚姻也很幸福, 珍妮花. 

    Mr. 威廉·E. 亨尼西,椅子
    Mr. Hennessey出生在凤凰城,是宾夕法尼亚州切斯特县的终身居民. Mr. Hennessey,注册会计师,毕业于Villanova University,获得会计学士学位. Mr. Hennessey是一位专注于技术会计领域的企业顾问. 他拥有超过30年的公共和私人股本支持公司的财务管理经验. Prior to his consulting career, Mr. Hennessey served as VP and Corporate Controller for Keystone Foods, Graham Packaging Company and John Maneely Company. He began his career as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand(现为普华永道).

    Mr. Hennessey’s daughter, Maura, is a graduate of 先锋学校 and the Vanguard Transition Center.

    Mr. 马修Hildenbrand
    Mr. 希尔登布兰德在科技行业工作了29年,担任多家软件公司的高管, consulting and managed service organizations - most notably Vertex, 一线教育, 和TEKsystems.  Well experienced in technology strategy, 创新, 和操作, his efforts assisted four organizations in successful 业务 and digital transformations leading to acquisitions and Nasdaq IPOs.

    Having been supported by many on his journey, Mr. Hildenbrand is passionate about helping others and currently advises multiple 非营利组织s that focus on supporting youth through special education and enrichment programs, 包括音乐和艺术.  除了, he advises multiple software startups, 指导年轻高管, 并为专注于收购和整合科技公司的投资公司提供咨询.  

    Mr. Hildenbrand earned his BA in Mass Media and 通信 from Widener University and did his graduate studies at Temple University. Born in Abington and a lifelong 宾西法尼亚 resident, he currently resides in Montgomery County with his wife, 黛博拉. 当不与黛博拉一起旅行时,他把业余时间花在跑步和吉他手上.

    Mr. 杰拉尔德·K. 琼斯
    杰拉尔德·琼斯是联合核心美国有限责任公司的总裁和创始合伙人, a venture capital and investment advisory 业务.  Mr. 琼斯 is also a founding 主要 of Broadway Properties, Inc., an affordable housing development firm. Prior to the founding of Broadway Properties, he held vice president and director roles with First USA Bank, BlackRock Financial Management, Verizon Communication and Meridian Bancorp. 在他的职业生涯中,他曾指导过各种财务和运营领域, 在战略规划方面积累广泛的经验和知识, 会计, 金融, 业务建模, information systems and project management.

    Gerald has served on various education-focused nonprofit boards, 包括费城社区学院的董事会, 瓦尔登学校(媒体, 宾夕法尼亚州), 威明顿白兰地酒学区成本控制委员会, 特拉华州), 以及各种特许学校. He also has been a board member of various USA Track & Field-related组织. Mr. 琼斯 is a native of Philadelphia and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 业务 administration from Drexel University.

    Ms. 副主席维多利亚·莫舍拉
    Victoria Moschella currently serves as Associate General Counsel for the Medical Business of TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity’s purpose is to create a safer, 可持续发展的, 通过推进交通运输的未来,实现高效互联的世界, making factories and homes smarter, enabling global communications networks, and revolutionizing 医疗 technology through the connector and sensor products that it designs and manufactures in conjunction with its customers. TE在全球拥有超过77,000名员工,并获得了众多奖项. 在《正规赌博手机软件》评选的“改变世界的公司”中,TE名列第四, TE连续8年被评为全球最具商业道德企业之一.

    As the head of Legal for the Medical 业务, Victoria serves as a member of the 领导团队 where she is responsible for the management of all legal issues and activities that relate to the 业务, some of which include contract management, compliance and risk management. Prior to assuming the role as legal lead for the Medical Business, Victoria served as Assistant General Counsel for both the TE Channel Business Unit and the Corporate 市场营销 and 通信 function. 从2016年到2019年,她还担任TE的首席诉讼律师.

    维多利亚在整个20多年的法律生涯中一直担任内部法律顾问. 在加入TE之前, Victoria served as Senior Counsel, Strategic Sourcing and Real Estate at Tyco International.  Her previous experience was at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, where she held several legal positions, including Counsel for BMS’s Medical Device 业务, ConvaTec. 

    维多利亚有个J.D. from Temple University School of Law and an M.B.A.获得马里兰大学国际管理硕士学位.  维多利亚获得了在宾夕法尼亚州、田纳西州和佐治亚州执业的执照.

    Victoria has had a relationship with VFES since 2017, 她在哪里帮助该组织获得教育科技署的资助, and by hosting students at TE as part of VFES’s VIP Program. Victoria currently serves as Vice Chair to the 校董会, 保管委员会主委及运动发展委员会联合主委.

    Mr. 帕特里克·努南
    帕特里克是PECO能源公司财务运营高级经理. 在他的角色中, he is responsible for strategic and financial leadership to the operations of the 业务 and is responsible for the oversight of the financial systems. Patrick在PECO工作了10多年,担任过各种战略计划的角色, system implementations and financial management. 在加入PECO之前,他曾在一家地区会计师事务所的审计部门任职. He earned his BS in Accounting from Villanova University and holds his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license in 宾西法尼亚. He is a member of the 宾西法尼亚 Institute of Certified Public Accountants and fellow of the LEADERSHIP Philadelphia program.

    Patrick was born and raised in Delaware County and currently resides in Phoenixville with his wife, 凯伦, 他们的两个儿子和女儿. He enjoys running, golfing and spending time with his family.

    Ms. 黎明帕塔基
    黎明帕塔基 is an executive in 人力资源, 目前担任泽利斯大学人文部副总裁, a heathcare payments firm in Bedminster, NJ.  Dawn has 30 years of experience in 人力资源.  The majority of this experience was with fortune 500 companies, including the Campbell Soup Company and Merck and Company.  Prior to her employment at Zelis, Dawn held an executive leadership role at Vanguard Investments.  Dawn在人力资本战略方面的工作包括领导力发展, 接班人计划, 组织设计, talent attraction and talent engagement.

    在Dawn的职业生涯早期, 她花了四年时间在一家私人公司创办人力资源部, 非营利组织, Atco的牌坊项目, NJ.  Her experience with this organization drives her passion for working with children and adults with special needs. 道恩花了数年时间担任非营利组织Methacton Post Prom的联合主席, 保障学生安全, 在一年中青少年生命中最危险的夜晚,没有毒品和酒精.

    Dawn has a BA in English from Douglass College and an MS in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University.  她和丈夫戴夫住在宾夕法尼亚州伍斯特,有三个成年子女和两只救援犬.  

    Mr. Devang帕特尔
    Devang帕特尔 is an IT Executive and currently serves as AVP, US Retirement Technology at Manulife / John Hancock. 在他的角色中, he is responsible for strategy, delivery and support of the technology portfolio that serves over 3 million customers with $200B+ in assets.

    加入宏利之前, Devang在Vanguard工作了18年,担任人力资源技术领域的高级领导职务, 分区规划 & PMO,数字化转型,全球生产支持和投资技术,仅举几例. He earned his BE in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, MBA from Saint Joseph's University and completed the Executive 发展 Program at Wharton School of Business at the University of 宾西法尼亚.

    Devang was born and raised in New Jersey and has been a resident of 宾西法尼亚 across Chester and Montgomery counties for the last 20 years. 目前,他与妻子法古尼(Falguni)、两个儿子迪伦(Dylan & Gavin)和女儿(Gia). 在业余时间, Devang喜欢锻炼, 玩/看体育比赛, 指导孩子们的运动队,与朋友和家人共度时光.

    Ms. 克里斯汀Waterfield
    克里斯汀Waterfield is Founder and CEO of The Malvern School. 和联合创始人一起, 乔Scandone, Waterfield opened the first Malvern School in 1998 with a philosophy to deliver a high-quality educational program for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 8 years.

    With a strong emphasis on early childhood education, The Malvern School’s degreed teachers focus on the physical, emotional and cognitive growth of the child. Waterfield’s approach to the curriculum is unique in the sense of providing educators at her schools with the creative freedom to customize lesson plans based on the teachers' experiences and teaching philosophies. All curriculum at The Malvern School are designed to meet or exceed the standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation’s largest early childhood accrediting organization.

    沃特菲尔德的职业生涯始于幼儿园和二年级教师, 并很快在另一家托儿机构晋升为中心主任, Franchise Consultant and Director of Corporate Operations. 她致力于为孩子们提供优质的教育, 和优秀的教育和照顾,只有经验丰富,充满激情的老师. 作为莫尔文学校的家长, Waterfield had the opportunity to experience the loving and nurturing environment that she created for other families.

    Kristen holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Child 发展 from Wilkes University. She is currently a member of the 校董会 at Valley Forge Educational 服务 and is actively involved in Unite for HER. She resides in West Chester, PA with her three children.